ROI Calculator

Whether you're a startup looking to make your first hire or a multinational with thousands of employees, Pinpoint's pricing is simple and adapts to the size of your organisation.

Streamline your hiring with Pinpoint

On top of the financial and time savings outlined in the calculation above, hire smarter with an intuitive suite of hiring tools.

Branded Careers Site

Set up a beautiful branded careers page in just a few minutes and have jobs updated automatically every time you create a new position.

Customisable Application Forms

Create custom application forms for each role, allowing you to capture the right information up-front and helping you filter candidates.

Automatic Candidate Data

Pinpoint automatically parses CVs and pulls in data from across the web on your candidates, consolidating candidate data and saving time.

Collaborative Team Feedback

Work with your whole team to easily rate and comment on candidates, keeping feedback together and improving the way you filter candidates.

Candidate Interview Scheduling

A suite of intuitive tools to remove the administrative burden of scheduling interviews whilst branding and improving the candidate experience.

Reporting & Analysis

Unlock recruitment insights for your business and start forecasting with comprehensive reporting and analysis tools.

Secure Data, Anywhere

All Pinpoint data is encrypted securely in the Cloud, giving candidates confidence and meeting your business' GDPR requirements.

Works Across All Devices

Use Pinpoint from your desktop to your mobile (and everything in-between) whilst offering your candidates a great mobile experience.

The latest from Pinpoint

Tips, advice and resources to help your business hire smarter.

Pinpoint ❤ Intercom

We've worked with Intercom to integrate Pinpoint right into Messenger.

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Onboarding Guide

The ultimate guide to structuring a 90 day onboarding plan for your business.


Pinpoint Overview

A printable overview of Pinpoint, showcasing features that help you hire smarter.